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Windy Scandinavia AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Periscopus AS, Oslo, Norway – a privately owned holding company with interests which include publishing, media, hotels and property. The renowned WINDY boats are built at our modern and well equipped production facilities in Västervik on the East coast of Sweden as well as Ostróda and Słupsk in Poland.

We engage over 170 skilled people producing models ranging from 26 to 60 feet with our WINDY Sport Series and WINDY SR Series Chase Boats & Yacht Tenders

58 years of excellence

Windy was established in 1966 by Hugo Vold. His father was a fisherman, and his family had many anxious moments awaiting his return as storms raged in the Skagerrak. All his father’s boats were called ‘Vindy’, and he brought every one of them safely back to port.

Vold shared his father’s love of, and deep respect for, the sea. Following his university education he became a boatbuilder. He wanted his vessels to be known for their seaworthiness and high quality, and he called his company ‘Windy’ in honour of his father’s sturdy fishing vessels.

At a time when Scandinavian producers ruled the European market, revolutionising boating and showing millions how to have fun on the water, Vold hired the best designers, sought out the finest boat builders and craftsmen and not only created a world-beating brand, but succeeded in turning the Windy name into a marque of quality.

58 years on, Windy Boats is proud to live according to Vold’s legacy, and to build production and custom boats which are acknowledged throughout the world as second to none.

Precision engineered, hand finished

Windy’s reputation is built on quality and craftsmanship.  Our award-winning deep v-hulls are renowned for delivering an exhilarating, yet stable and dry ride. Our production facilities in Västervik and Ostroda are among the most advanced in Europe, employing resin transfer moulding to produce stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient hulls.  Distinctive interiors by leading superyacht designers combine clean Scandinavian lines with luxurious detailing.  And every boat is hand-finished with Windy’s customary perfectionism using the highest quality components and finest materials. For Windy customers, only the best will do.

Windy SR Series & Yacht Tenders

As a renowned constructor of superyacht-quality small craft, Windy made its first foray into bespoke boatbuilding in 2009, but it was the success of the iconic Windy Dubois SR52 Blackbird in 2010 that persuaded us to concentrate on this specialised market.

Today, Windy is unique in combining Scandinavian build quality with genuinely ground-breaking custom design, working in partnership with world-leading superyacht designers and naval architects.

We have the capability to build boats ranging in size from 7 metres to 24 metres, our one-off, luxury yacht tenders, chase boats and limo tenders not only demand attention, but also guarantee the exemplary handling and seakeeping for which Windy is renowned.

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